Friday, 28 November 2008


We have chosen to analyse this film because it is an iconic British film and it is written and directed by a British man- Guy Ritchie. We have chosen to do a British social drama for our project.

Camera Work
A lot of the sequence is of television screens with CCTV footage of the characters going into the building and up to the room. Once they are in the room and get their guns out the camera starts to move and is freehand.

Very fast pace once they get the guns out and steal the diamonds. it slows down when they are in the van but speeds up again after that. It freezes to show the names of each character and has a coloured background each time with the image played with. Transitions used as well.

Jewish music as the footage is shown of them in the building. In the van the music is light and builds up to the fast paced music afterwards. At the start when they are in the building you hear them talking.

They are dressed up as Jews at start with fake beards etc. The CCTV is black and white at this stage. It goes to full screen and colour when they get in the room. They have guns as props, and also the diamonds when they get them. After the title is shown the light is darker and the characters are introduced.

Some titles in black rectangles on the CCTV and screen when they are getting the diamonds. 'SNATCH' in white in front of diamond, which spins round 360 degrees. Characters' names are in white with different coloured backgrounds and an image of their face.

  • The audience assumes all of the people working in the office are Jewish. The men are all involved in crime, as we see early on. They are given different roles such as the older one and the hard one.
  • The first location is in what is presumably a Jewish-run bank with a Jewish community, which the men are pretending to be involved in.
    The men are shown after that in a a warehouse and then a pub- showing they probably like drinking.
  • There is a cultural reference to the Jewish community, and they are also talking about the bible.
  • The genre is crime.


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