Friday, 23 January 2009

True Blood

We have chosen to analyse this film opening be cause we were influenced by the title sequence.

Camera Work
The camera work makes it seem as though you are watching it at the time in a first-person viewpoint.

The sequence is a continual, fast paced, rush of different events; all seen from a first-person view. Lots of transition is used to flash from one thing to another.


The sound is US Country music and is


At the start the camera is going through a swamp and then changes to a point of view (POV) of a someone driving a car. Next it is a POV shot of moving through a town; presumably in the same car. Suddenly what looks like a naked woman flashes up. Then the sequence keeps flicking form views of people in churches, a sleazy nightclub (with people dancing and having sex) and people who live in the area (like a man in a rocking chair).

There is also several bits of old film of riots and of a child who looks like he is with the Klu Klux Klan.

There are also various shots of dead animals and shots of other things like a rusty car in a forest.

The titles are in white and apear, almost at random, during the opening sequence. If they are more than two words the word font changes.

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